Thursday, December 3, 2009

wondering in wonder mind

sometimes the truth is lying...
do i need to say the truth all the time??
i hate you!!
or most likely to be
 i love you..

sometimes its hard to say it
doesnt mean i have no sensitivity..
maybe i'm just too radical and a lil bit emotional
perhaps i'm not good but i'm hoping to be better..

dear ___,
i'm sorry
i knw sorry seem to be the hardest word...

am i too emotional??


p/s: i know sadis is my middle name and i thought of changing it to JIWANG anak muda..pergh giler panjang nama about penangan gadis sunyi??lain macam lak..semata2 entry ni nak tukar nama..

xpela stick to SADIS!


i'msosupernotcool said...

love is another name of hate..
am i rite?

bell nabila said...

look at the hidden meaning then you will find the answer..=)