Wednesday, December 23, 2009

N.O.S.E chicken!

i had running nose and sneezing badly while typing for this entry.i guess due to belacan i ate for my dinner.okeh i felt like to take off my nose and put it on the table for a while until i finished typing for this post. very itchy.such an asshole writing about your own jerk..
oh my GOD
damn! ITCHY...
at the same time here come my sister snoring like hell.aiyoo feeling like wanna kick her ass right now..rhythmic snore..i don't know what song she sang in her dreams..gosh i get annoyed almost for everything starting with my nose blocked,sneeze.her snore..argggggh!..
pissed off..erk
sorry coz i get annoyed easily today..and i know this entry also makes people annoyed at me.yeah i cant handle it when it comes to my nose..3 annoyed here..and now i don't know what i wanna write about in my blog except grumbling and complaining..lost my idea...

p/s: suddenly i laughed all alone when my mind captured and recap this macho douchebag sneezing and farting at the same time and act like nothing at the bus stop.what's more? a girl laughing non stop and then fart and laugh

tomorrow agenda:

  • hang out with Nadya at pavillion in the afternoon..ok started to hate pavillion coz i think i went there for more than 5 times in these 2 weeks.but should say nothing coz i know she miss her baby fik..ROFL..
  • before that need to wake her up coz she will tido balik after i kejot..ya i become your temporary clock and your mum since your mum's not around..hahaha..
  • morning-housechores as usual.OK LAH WATEVER LAH..I'M SO TIRED LAH..
  • NOW?sleep little baby..

ok updated!