Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hello again buddies,
 just wandering around the web and spotted:
gaga in her weird dress..hahaha..erm pastu kan my bro cakap this gaga kan sebenarnya lelaki..apakah??

i bet all the hello kitty's are from her fans....=p

is lady gaga is a fashionista or one of the fashion victim??just look at all the fugly props she wear..hahaha..kesian betol la ini orang...i think she really mean it when she sing this song..
"fashion put it all on me, Don't you want to see these clothes on me"...owh tidak..saya xmahu.Tongue Emoticons

p/s: on how much i hate those clothes she wears yet still love her song damn much!Happy Emoticons

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

insomnia attack

Lagi sekali aku post this entry at the late2 night or dawn la senang citer..orang lain dok berselimut tidur dengan nyenyak nyer and i was typing for this entry sebab xboleh nak tidur..aku da puas membaca and mengeja tapi xmau gak macam mana??this insomnia really2 killing me softly.yesterday it was fine and today i can't sleep.and maybe it will be last for about two or three days.aku dah tido tapi bangun balik because i feeling like my mind decided to stay on, despite the fact that I was exhausted beyond words. weh aku penat weh.kenapa otak aku ni xreti nak tido.its ok if in the exam mood la since i can't recharge my batteries because struggling for my papers.bila ade gap baru dapat tido.if time2 tue dia nak datang penyakit ni aku tengah aku betul2 nak tidur xmau plak die..

I had an experience when i was at age 6 if i'm not mistaken kan, i had this penyakit at the very2 first time.aku macam da kena sampuk wei xboleh nak tidur and my mum was so angry that she scolded me without knowing that i had this insomnia..yelah orang lain tidur aku plak berjaga..lampu tutup and aku plak terlalu kuat berimaginasi and there come those freaking stories twinkling2 in my brain..pastu sebab terlampau takut menjerit2 dalam mum said that she asked me to relax, put my feet up and lay back and definitely i can fall asleep.but she was totally wrong. sebab dah kene marah baru aku tidur...hahahaha..

herm..when i had too much pressures,stress and tidur sesuka hati here come this illness..about a month ago, during my second test of corporate finance, my brain stop functioning and i felt my head so dizzy that i cant think was too cold plak dalam class(everyday shivering in class kot.)aku rase macam nak pitam and i submitted my paper and blah je.there some lubang2 la dalam kertas soklan tu.yang aku pelik bin ajaib nyer i got the highest mark in class..hahahaha(perasan lebeyh padahal beza dengan orang lain 2-3 point je). 

so if you guys pun penah had experinece like me jom check what should you do and dont's:
  1. Get up at the same time each day (checked)
  2. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco (checked)
  3. Exercise (nope)
  4. Do not go to bed hungry (ptutla slalu susah nak tidur)
  5. Do not worry right before bed (kadang2)
  6. Do not nap during the day. (always)
  7. Use the bed only for sleeping, not for watching the evening news, paying bills, reading exciting books, etc. (katil serbaguna.hihi)
  8. Adjust the environment in the room (lights, temperature, noise, etc.) (checked)
new info: 
psychological problems lead to insomnia
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • depression
  • schizophrenia
  • mania(bipolar disorder)
takut jugak aku dengar...
lepas ni mesti strictly buat therapy bagai nih..taknak aku jadi macam nih hari2...hari tue 2 hari x tidur pon rase macam mayat idop je.
mau pengsan.

ok cukuplah kot.aku da penat menaip..hihi...see ya...

Monday, November 9, 2009

coz i am sick of love song!!!

as i lay dying without idiot!!
i am so sick of crying in the shower just because of you..the shower is more like house of my tears like if i tadah the tears it can build a kuil for you!! 
kau ingt air mata aku nie bole recycle2 balik ke??
n why those radio nie suka sangat pasang lagu jiwang2 tgh2 malam..

"da xde lagu lain ke hah? aku ni tadah je dengar lagu2 korang pasang..meh cni aku yang tolong putarkan lagu ye...saya putar besar2.."  
(tbe2 nak gelak plak...ingat nih roda impian ke ape?hahahaha) si bongok nih...

kesimpulannya aku sekarang mengalami simptom2 jiwa kacau.
p/s: xpe jom kite layan video ni kejap..aku yang mcam ni pun bantai gelak tengok video bongok nih...hahaha